Thursday, April 04, 2013

Get Ready to Ride!

It's been a chilly week but the weather forecast is looking promising, (cold but sunny), for Saturday!! Looking forward to a Cyclopaths Ride! 8:00 am at the Salem start. (Ducky, we'll meet you on the bridge!)


Tamarise Cronin said...

Bundle up!! It will be 34 degrees at the start, with temps increasing during the morning hours into the low 40's. A brisk wind may make it seem colder. FROSTBITE RIDE!!! yayyyyy!!!

Sheldon said...

Will meet you in Salem at 8 am. Cyclopath Sheldon

Anonymous said...

Too cold for me...I'm wimping out but will arrive by four-wheel vehicle. See you in Manchester!


Anonymous said...

Too cold and windy for me, I'll be heading out at 10. I would like to suggest that in the early spring that the rides begin later if there are conditions like this so that no one gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

I was way too chicken to ride the bridge today. My helmet's off to Tammy, Ducky, Sheldon and whoever else rode today to Beverly.

Tamarise Cronin said...

Ed rode today too!! It was COLD!

Nice to catch up to you, Ethan, as I was heading home. I enjoyed our ride out to the neck. Now I'm starting to thaw out. It was a chilly one today!