Saturday, April 06, 2013

30 Degree Passover/Easter Ride. Brrrrrrrr....

We had a bitter cold, blustery day for a post-Passover/Easter Ride. Ed, Sheldon and Tam met at the Salem start and agreed to a short ride as it was just too cold. (Temps were below 30 with strong winds). Laurie and Av pulled up in their warm, comfy car and we shared our plans to keep it short. They offered to drive out to Manchester to catch Gail -- and anyone else who may have headed out that way -- and then meet us at the Beverly Farms DDs. As we headed out of Salem, we felt it was far too cold for the ride to Beverly Farms and decided the airport was our best option. Ed called Av and left a message on his cell phone, hoping he'd learn of our change in plan.

So off we went... only to realize as we climbed the bridge and met Ducky, (who nearly blew off the bridge while waiting for us), that the airport was too far a trek as well! (Really, it was that COLD!) Next stop: Omelet Headquarters! Ed was able to reach Laurie and relay the new plan -- and Laurie, in turn, called Gail. Eventually, all reunited at the HQ for a great breakfast!

Sheldon broke open the box of matzoh -- but we missed the celebratory song-fest -- so this year's Passover/Easter Ride was more in spirit than it was in tradition. (We'll make up for it next year when Passover and Easter are celebrated in late April.) After breakfast, Sheldon lead a prayer before we headed out, since we all planned to take separate routes after the bridge. It was a cold one, Cyclopaths! Hoping for warmer weather next week!


Tamarise Cronin said...

Sooooo cold!! After I left you, Sheldon and Ed, I made my way back to Marblehead and ran into Ethan just starting on his ride. I joined him for a loop of Marblehead neck. It took an hour before my face thawed out. Hope we have warmer weather next weekend!!

Tamarise Cronin said...

PS My cell phone lost it's charge but I think I have a pic or two from this morning. It was hard to see the screen on my cell. When it's recharged, I'll check the photos. The screen capture I posted on the blog is from the weather page this morning, just before I headed out to meet you in Salem. It was a cold one!! I always said I wouldn't ride if it was below 32 degrees... but Sheldon, because of YOU and TRADITION, I did it. :)

Ohmigosh it was cold.

Arlene said...

I can't believe you guys rode today.
Way way too cold for me. I'll see you when it warms up.