Saturday, January 26, 2013

Waffles & Brunch Gathering

A gathering or cackle or band of North Shore Cyclopaths enjoyed a 5 star waffle breakfast hosted by Joyce and Steve-Bob. The setting was their gorgeous renovated Newburyport home. There were homemade waffles, quiches, bagels, cakes, breads, apple crisp, fruit, real whipped cream, real maple syrup, and crispy bacon. Coffee too. Seen at the gathering were: Joyce & Steve-Bob, Marge Zoll, Barbara & Bill, Laurie & Av, Fran & Sheldon, Joan & Paul, Brenda & Matt, Suzie & Bill, Gail, Ducky, Queen Kathy, and me (Donna). Lots of laughs and lots of love. A big THANK YOU to Joyce & Steve-Bob! --Donna

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