Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Samuel and Marjorie Zoll Creative Arts Center

Some Cyclopaths may already know that the Salem YMCA is establishing an arts center in Ames Hall, historic space in their main building. They intend to name it in honor of our late pal Sam, and Marge.

As you can imagine, "beloved" sometimes entails "beholden". In that spirit I am passing along the info that has been provided me by Beth Francis, the Y's chief development officer. She sent me an e-mail and also, by snail mail, the letter below. (Click on the images to enlarge.) I have told her that I would ask all Cyclopaths who would like to contribute to do so directly, whether through the Y website, or by mail to her. Also, she has offered us, individually or collectively, a tour of the present Ames space so that we can better understand what the project entails. I do know that they have in mind a school and theater.

This is a great way for the Y to honor our pals and I wanted all to be aware of it. Don't hesitate to contact Beth Francis for any further info. -- Av


Sheldon said...

We plan to contribute to this worthy project. Fran and Shel Brown, Cyclopaths

Tamarise Cronin said...

Cronins are donating as well. :)