Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Ride Report

There was just one lonely rider on the Pumpkin Pie Ride today... and that would be yours truly. (Paul and Joan are retiring their bikes for the season, and Sheldon is in California.) I made my way over to the Salem start by 7 a.m. to see if Lucy was waiting. (But no... No Lucy.) I waited 5 minutes and then hoped to catch Ducky on the bridge... but no... no Ducky. So, it was a solo ride to Beverly Farms and coffee and oatmeal at the Dunkin Donuts. (Did you know they have nice comfy leather arm chairs, granite tables and a flat screen TV? You gotta love Beverly Farms...)

After my coffee break, I headed back, taking the turn at the Prides Crossing post office, spooking an enormous deer on the side of the road. The thing was huge and could have knocked me off my bike! It had antlers! (By the way, that road has been nicely paved since the last time we rode down it -- although there are still a few rough spots.) It was relatively mild today, despite a brisk headwind -- you're all wimps for not riding. --Tam


Tamarise Cronin said...

No. I didn't take the photo.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Deer Tammy,
Nice going on the ride! Sorry I did not join you. I am dogsitting in Marblehead. Glad you had a nice ride and more importantly- a nice breakfast.

Tamarise Cronin said...

Good to see you driving by, Donna, second week in a row!! It wasn't too bad this morning -- the wind picked up and the temps dropped after my ride, (though I had a tough headwind on the S-B bridge.) When I spooked the deer and it started running alongside me, I thought for sure it was going to knock me on my ass. Can you imagine crashing into a deer on a bike? Ouch.