Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cyclopath Frostbite Ride

It was just shy of 40 degrees this morning as four hardy Cyclopaths headed out into the bright morning sunshine. With ambitious intentions, Paul, Joan, Lucy and Tam headed north over the Beverly-Salem Bridge on their way to Boxford... but the bitter cold left them rethinking their plan as they reached the drycleaner junction. Hot coffee and a warm breakfast beckoned from the The Depot Diner. (Ahhh... the food is so good at the Depot Diner!) After a great breakfast, and learning more about Paul and Joan's recent adventures abroad, they headed back out into the cold and returned to Salem. The plan is to continue riding through the winter, weather permitting, destination dependent on the cold. (Snow, rain, bitter cold cancel, of course.) Get your winter gear together and join us!


Tam Cronin said...

I dressed like I was going skiing. I wore a silk layer under my cycling tights, 2 pairs of socks with toe warmers, an under armour long sleeve jersey under a thermal cycling jacket, new lobster claw cycling gloves, neoprene bootie shoe covers and my ski jacket. I was quite warm. Maybe over dressed a tad, but definitely warm. I think the ear warmer headband helped tremendously. I felt like the michelin man, but I didn't feel the cold at all. Yay!

Tam Cronin said...

By the way, dressing up like the michelin man took quite a lot of time. I was lucky Paul, Joan and Lucy didn't head out right away, as I was late biking to the start. (Thank you for waiting!)

Gotta get up earlier next time!