Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall

We had another chilly, wet ride today as Mike S., Arlene, Paul G., Sheldon and Tam left for Wenham and our newest breakfast destination, The Wenham Teahouse! We sat at a beautiful round table terrific for conversing with each other, and enjoyed the coffee, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes and mini muffins. The service was quick this time around and the music box that accompanied our check, (different from our previous visit), played Edelweiss. As we left our elegant breakfast, Paul declared that he greatly enjoyed "dining amongst his kind". (AKA, the finer people.)

While at breakfast, the wet weather did not clear up as we had hoped. The group decided to split up in Wenham with Mike and Arlene riding on for more miles while the others headed back. (It was cold!) We hope for a nice, dry fall day next weekend!


Tam Cronin said...

Another new breakfast suggestion -- The Day Break Cafe in Topsfield. It's on Main Street (#30), not far from where we gather before heading over to Boxford. It's just down the street, beyond the bagel place that's now gone. Serves a full breakfast. I haven't been there -- a neighbor mentioned it. It would be about as far as the Manchester ride, but not as far as Boxford. Those who want more miles can continue to Bradley Palmer or Boxford/Georgetown. You can also pick up the Topsfield Linear Common trail that Margie and I rode on while heading back to Salem a few weeks ago.

Tam Cronin said...

It should also be noted that the MEN outnumbered the women today for the first time in AGES!

Sheldon said...

Years ago the Cyclopaths ate at the Topsfield Cafe and didn't get thrown out!