Saturday, September 08, 2012

Breakfast at The Wenham Teahouse

Av, Sheldon, Donna, Tam, Michael, Arlene, Margie and Ducky enjoyed an elegant breakfast at The Wenham Teahouse.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Enjoyed the 5 star breakfast! White linen tablecloths, cloth napkins with fancy napkin rings, real flowers, fine china, ketchup served in a small bowl, jam/jelly served in a single serve jar, complimentary muffins, and the check presented in a lovely wooden music box. A delightful, elegant, top rate Cyclopath breakfast!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Forgot to mention delicious food!

Gail said...

What fun! Av looks like he might have enjoyed a Mimosa...


Sprocket Girl said...

@ Gail, LOL! Av looks to be preety happy here!

How did the Tea House take to a spandex-clad group? Will we be welcome in the future?

Anybody take pics of the room?

Tam said...

I have a few pics but not many. I'll post photos from the last few rides over the weekend. Just busy lately.

Folks at the teahouse were really nice and very welcoming. I think we all agreed, though, that we'd prefer to sit outside on the garden patio the next time (if open, and warm enough). It was definitely more refined than our usual haunts -- and the other breakfast diners were certainly better dressed.

Service was very slow. The explanation our waiter gave us wasn't really clear, though he was very apologetic and kept refilling our coffee cups. Personally, I think the kitchen staff kept pushing our order further back in the line to accommodate the quick, easier orders.