Saturday, September 08, 2012

Back Roads to Wenham

Saturday's ride will be remembered more for our breakfast destination than the ride itself! Av, Sheldon, Ducky, Donna, Arlene, Margie, Tam, and returning rider Mike Sullivan headed off for Hamilton/Wenham and the Wenham Teahouse. (Ethan caught up to us at the cleaners for a ride out to Wenham, and then headed out for more miles.) At Larch Row, the group split with some heading down Walnut Road to 1A, while others took a side loop out to Miles River Road before turning back on 1A towards Wenham. It was a great day for a ride!

At the Wenham Teahouse, we enjoyed our most elegant breakfast to date. (Many highlights are mentioned in Donna's comment under the Wenham Teahouse pic.) It was a little obvious we were out of our element, (the cloth napkins and white tablecloths should have been a giveaway), but the waitstaff was very welcoming and didn't suggest that we eat outside. Service was a little slow, though we enjoyed the mini muffins and abundant coffee (and great conversations) while awaiting our food. We left after paying our bill (in a music box!) with smiles all around. Many laughs today.

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Cyclopath-Donna said...

It appears in the photo that Ducky has a halo over her head. It was a great ride and a truly LOVELY breakfast! Best breakfast yet! Thanks for the suggestion Tam. Nice to have "New Mike" Sullivan back in the mix. Av too!