Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Topsfield, Lost Route to Boxford, Bradley Palmer and More

We had a terrific ride to Boxford on Saturday, where Barbara and Bill met the gang for breakfast at Wayne's! (AKA The Boxford Community Store). The day started off gray with high humidity as the ladies, Joan, Gail, Lynda, Lisa, Arlene, Drew, Donna, Tam, Margie and Ducky once again outnumbered the guys, Sheldon, Ethan and a very sleepy Paul Guertin as they headed out of Salem. (Paul was late, of course, and caught up with the group in Beverly).

The pack headed off to Topsfield first, where Donna and Sheldon left the group to loop Bradley Palmer State Park before heading back. (See their ride report below.) The remaining riders continued on, taking the Lost Route to Boxford, meeting the Cantor's for a great breakfast at Wayne's. (So great to see them!) The folks at Wayne's were gracious and accommodating to our group and the food was terrific. After breakfast, most headed off towards Bradley Palmer while Tam and Margie decided to "head back". (They got sidetracked and actually reconnected with the Cyclopaths later in Beverly. Funny when that happens.) It was a fantastic day for a ride with many, many laughs!

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