Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After leaving the group in Topsfield, Donna and Sheldon report that they had an enjoyable ride from Topsfield to Bradley Palmer State Park. When heading back on Mill Road they were stopped by few dozen equestrians crossing the road in front of them, sounding their horn and signaling a fox hunt. Quite exciting!

Tam and Margie report that after they left the group, they missed a turn in Topsfield and came across the Topsfield Linear Common trail which segued into the Wenham Rail Trail. At the end of the trail in Wenham, they discovered that it ended at the bottom of the dreaded hill on 97. Not wanting to climb the hill, they ventured further on to the Danvers Rail Trail, which became quite rough. The trail eventually ended on Rt 35 in Danvers, which they took to Route 62 and back to Beverly. As they rode into Beverly near the train depot, they came across several of the Cyclopaths who had ventured out to Bradley Palmer State Park just an hour or so earlier. So crazy! Great day for a ride!

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