Wednesday, August 01, 2012

PMC Team Pictures - MMA

The 411 from Captain Drew is for the MMA group to meet in the usual spot for a photo, by the flagpole near the canal, at a time convenient to you all. (It's like herding cats sometimes... let's see if we can get you all together!) Ethan, Ed, Mike Meehan and Mike Kelleher are a few who will be volunteering in Bourne this year. You can't miss running into one of them, as Ethan and Mike M. will be parking bikes, Mike K. will be checking in riders, and Ed is in the Command Center. First Cyclopath to cross the finish, we know, will be Brian -- "Sir" Mike K., Jeff, Ben and Brenda won't be too far behind. COORDINATE! We want a team photo from the MMA finish!

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