Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Go Team North Shore Cyclopaths!

Good luck to Team North Shore Cyclopaths in this weekend's PMC! We have 22 Cyclopaths and friends on this year's team, including riders and volunteers -- Arlene Agree, Jeff Brand, Harriet Brand, Sheldon Brown, Lynda Beaulieu, Bill Cantor, Brian Carver, Tammy Cronin, Will Cronin, Donna Cohen, Ethan Forman, Cindy Hecht, Geoffrey Hecht, Ann Kelleher, Michael Kelleher III, "Sir" Michael Kelleher Jr., Mike Meehan, Drew Nelson, Ed Parish, Brenda White, Ben Yellin, and Marcy Yellin. Everyone have a fun, safe ride and remember the hills are smaller than they look!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

THANK YOU to The Cronin family for a wonderful evening in celebration of PMC weekend.

Sheldon said...

Many thanks for the great Pre-PMC Party hosted by Tammy, Mike, Wil and Chip. It was a wonderful reunion and inspirational evening for the weekend ahead. Appreciatively, Sheldon and Fran