Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pre-PMC Manchester

Today's forecast did not sound promising, but it turned into a beautiful day for a ride! Greeting us at the start was new stem-cell donor Donna, sending us off with well wishes. Miss Brenda was on hand for the ride, with egg sandwiches tucked away in her back pockets. (So good to see you, Brenda!) As the group was ready to head out, Ethan cruised along, bringing a big smile to Will's face. (Can you say "hero worship?") The ladies in red -- Gail, Lucy, Joan and Brenda, lead the way to Manchester, with Bob, Sheldon, and Tam (in a cast) not too far behind. Taking the back roads to Manchester, the group of eight headed to the Beach Street Cafe, with Ethan and Will taking a detour up the opposite side of Susan's Hill. (Quote of the Day: "I hope he sees that truck." Umm.. thanks, Ethan.) After breakfast, with a heavy fog settling in Manchester and our uncertainty of the unsettled weather in the forecast, we headed back to Salem with The Queen(!), who joined us for the return trip. It turned into a beautiful ride, with sunshine greeting us on the other side of the Beverly-Salem Bridge. Good luck and safe riding to those riding in next week's PMC!

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