Sunday, July 08, 2012

Manchester/Gloucester Ride

Saturday's ride report courtesy of Gail:

Joan, Steve-Bob, and his new recruit, Erica, Jack Gould, Bob Hirschkron and I showed up. Bob was just there for the send-off and a shorter ride on his own. Since it was an overcast, humid day, with high temps forecast, the rest of us decided to go for the ocean route: Manchester-Gloucester. We were joined by Tam's friend, Joe, along the way in Beverly.

In Beverly Farms, Joan and I encouraged Steve-Bob, Erica, Jack and Joe to continue on to breakfast in Gloucester, as we planned to ride only to Manchester and back. The two of us enjoyed a lovely air-conditioned breakfast at the small coffee shop about a block away from our usual place. We pedaled directly back to Salem, quite happy to finish at a reasonable hour as the humidity increased!

Not sure how the rest of the group did. Steve-Bob or Joe would have more details. We didn't take any photos.

FYI, for those who have parked in the large lot--parking there (Mon - Sat) is now limited to those who have permits. What a drag...

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Sprocket Girl said...

Parking in the Municipal lot is now permit?? That sucks! I guess that I'll just have to leave the truck at home. Sigh.