Saturday, July 21, 2012

20th Annual Cohen Classic Ride Report

You could not have asked for a better day weatherwise. Queen Kathy and I (Donna) met at the North Hampton Elementary School and pedaled north along the N.H. Coastline. The ocean was a sparkling blue and provided Mother Nature's air conditioning. It was cool. There were many other bikers out, many adorning PMC kits. Kathy & I enjoyed ringing our bells and shouting "PMC"! Since there were only two of us, I decided to repeat what I did 20 years ago and eat breakfast at The Golden Egg. We enjoyed our breakfast and continued north. Up past The Wentworth, runners saluted us with a smile and a friendly "Good Morning". We saw a few Crash Test Dummies and Bruce was with them. We continued our loop and took pics at Nubble Light. Made it back and enjoyed an Dunkin iced coffee. No headwind this year. No scorching temps either. An enjoyable Cohen Classic. Pics to follow.--Donna


Anonymous said...

Donna and Kathy
blessings and THANK YOU for keeping up a CYCLOPATH tradition - today i thought of many cohen classics that i rode...riding down 1A to meet the NH group and riding back down through Hampton the heat of summer...but today there were 2- and i am sure that G_d was with you - Sam, sue devries, Manny, Barry ...and all who have suffered with cancer thank you I will be at Bourne and Ptown finish lines for PMC weekend - all i can remember is Kathy taking a bottle of water from a young spectator and then gifting it to a young spectator along the group - the good OLD DAYS!!!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

MISSYou Michael! Your name came up today. Hope all is well with you and your growing family.

Sheldon said...

Congratulations Donna and Cathy on your successful ride and safe one on the Cohen Classic. I can visualize the beautiful ride up 1A and B and vicariously enjoy with you as you pass lovely homes on youir right and the roaring ocean on your left. 20th is an important milestone in Cyclopath history, and I proudly commend you both. Love, Cyclopath Sheldon