Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beach Street Cafe and Magnolia Loop

We started our day under bright sunshine with eight riders heading out to breakfast in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Joining the ride on a beautiful morning were Steve-Bob, Gail, Sheldon, Donna, Ducky, Lucy, Tam and The Queen (who surprised us in Beverly Farms!) After arriving in Manchester, and while deciding whether to stop at Beach Street Cafe or to continue on to Gloucester and The Morning Glory for breakfast, Ethan came along to say good morning. (He headed off for more miles before reporting to his gig at Marblehead Cycle.) After breakfast (at Beach Street), the gang took off for a ride out to Magnolia, while one solo rider headed home by way of Essex, passing the O'Grady's on the way. The clouds rolled in before noon, bringing cold air with it, but not before everyone had finished a great ride.

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