Saturday, June 09, 2012

Sunshine and Smiles

The ladies ruled today's breakfast ride, as Gail, Arlene, Ducky, Donna and Tam met at 6:30 a.m. and headed out for a quick breakfast at the Depot Diner. (Great breakfast and early enough for us to get a table!)

After breakfast, we ventured on for more miles and a gorgeous ride into Hamilton, Wenham and Bradley Palmer. It was a fantastic day for riding after an endlessly long week of rain -- so good to see the sun! Where was everyone?


Sprocket Girl said...

Hey folks!

I started training on dirt roads on Saturdays, as I'm finally signed up to ride the 100-mile Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee in August. Got to get some dirt miles in, as well as distance. My job has effectively blown all hopes of my getting up to Salem for 6:30 on Saturdays too. :-(

I sure do miss you all! I promise that I WILL be up there a few more times before D2R2, and definitely after that!

- Lynda

Tam Cronin said...

HEY. Good luck with the dirt stuff!! Only a few of us on Saturday but we got in 30 miles for a quick morning. Arlene and I started in Swampscott and were home by 10:30, which gave me a good start to the morning. Got to spend the rest of the day gardening, so I was happy about that. I love long rides that take up most of the day, but there are times when I just want to do others things too, and yesterday was one of them. Turned into a perfect day. Nice ride with the ladies in the morning and planting annuals in my garden in the late norning-early afternoon. Loved it. SUMMER IS HERE!!

tam said...

Actually,that should have read "Arlene and I FINISHED in Swampscott. (We didn't ride to Salem together.)