Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beverly Airport and Beyond

Under gray skies at 7:30, the day began with just 3 Cyclopaths, (Gail, Donna, and Sheldon) at the start. With just a few riders on an overcast morning, we decided to head to The Depot Diner where it was still early enough to get in. (Tam and Chip were at the start, planning to ride from the opposite end and meeting half way.) Lo and behold, 2 more Cyclopaths showed up -- Lucy and Paul G. -- and hoping Ducky would be joining us, we decided to head to the Beverly Airport where we knew we'd get a table.

Soon after the start, four more Cyclopaths came along, (Paul and Joan, Ethan and Margie), bringing our total to 12 riders! (Invest in an alarm clock, people!) We had a quick ride to the airport and enjoyed a nice breakfast while Ethan headed out for more miles before dashing off to his new gig at Marblehead Cycle. After breakfast, the gang split with a few heading back to Salem and the rest looping down into Wenham and Hamilton over to Larch Row. It turned into a gorgeous day, (cloudy at times), with mild temperatures. A great day for a ride!

Next Week: 7:00 start!! (Really!) Rumor has it we're headed to Manchester.


Tam Cronin said...

Chip enjoyed his second Cyclopath ride. He was sooooo disappointed when it ended and is anxious to grow up so he can ride with us more often.

P.S. Blogger has made changes to it's interface and I'm having difficulty formatting my blog posts the way I like them. Grumble, grumble. You may see some changes over the next few weeks as I give up the battle. (I like my paragraphs with 1.5 line spacing. Blogger doesn't want me to do that. Grrrrrrr.... You may see tighter paragraphs showing up soon.)

7:00 start next week. Hope for sunshine!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats to Chip Cronin who is now an OFFICIAL CYCLOPATH!!!!! Many riders come out and ride with the group, it is those that come back for a second ride that earn the distinction. Here's to many more breakfasts and rides with Chip!