Friday, April 06, 2012

Celebrating One Thousand

Celebrating the blog's 1,000th post today! Since July 4th weekend, 2005, when Michael K. asked the question, "What is a blog?" (and I decided it was easier to show him rather than explain it), we have been chugging along with snippets of rides, birthdays, events, and miscellaneous ramblings for the last 7 years.

We've shared good times and sad times on the blog... photos and fun stuff... many PMC's and Cohen Tri State Classics... Memories that include photos of Sam in his electric blue spandex pants and ride reports like the one from the Forgotten Key Ride. (When Lynda, Ethan and Sheldon had to cab back to Salem from Gloucester. Classic!)

Some Cyclopaths have resisted this form of communication (preferring email instead) while others have embraced it. And there are still several Cyclopaths who will ask, "What's the address, again?" (C'mon, Really?!) But it's been fun and I want to thank you all for reading, commenting, and being a part of the experience. Like every Saturday with the Cyclopaths, it's been a fun ride! --Tam


Anonymous said...

Happy 1000 :) whahoooooo. Big thanks to Tammy for making it all happen :) thank you thank you thank you. drew

Sheldon said...

Congratulations, Tammy, on a Cyclopath record! I have always felt that we are very lucky to have you develop the BLOG over the last 7 years. I look at the Blog practically every day and besides I get the weather, which is most helpful to me. Please continue to keep our history alive with our Blog. You have done a masterful piece of blog art. Best wishes on your success. Cyclopath Sheldon

Tam Cronin said...

Thank you, Sheldon and Drew!!! I'm amazed to have hit 1000. :)