Saturday, April 14, 2012

Breakfast at Beverly Airport and Henderson's

We had a gorgeous day for a ride with a great turnout (13 riders) for our 7:30 start. Heading out of Salem on this glorious Spring day were Sheldon, Av, Gail, Paul G., Ethan, Lynda, Drew, Joan, Paul P., Margie, Lucy and Tam. Arriving "late" to the Depot Diner (by Depot Diner standards), we discovered a long line out the door with people waiting for tables. With our large crew, we wisely decided to head elsewhere. Some folks opted to ride off for a few more miles through Wenham and breakfast at Henderson's (under new ownership!), while the rest of the gang headed to the Beverly airport where Ducky was able to join the fun. After breakfast, all headed back to Salem (both groups), with the Hamilton riders meeting up with the Airport riders on route 97. Such luck! With the gang rejoined, many finished at the Roger Conant statue together. A fantastic day!

Next week: We'll stick with our 7:30 start. The temps are still on the cool side, despite the promise of summer weather in this week's forecast.

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Tam Cronin said...

I was one of the Henderson's riders, and was so surprised when we saw the Airport gang riding down the road from Bev Airport. ;-) It was fun to see the gang regroup after heading in different directions for breakfast.

Henderson's is under new ownership and didn't have the same vibe it used to. The foodies in the group declared the breakfast burritos were really good, but the home fries were cold and P & J weren't impressed with their order, which wasn't as good as it's been in the past. (I heard the bread was good, though.) Still, the people were really nice so I don't think we'll be crossing Henderson's off our list.

Ethan, would love to steal a pic from you for the blog from your fancy iPhone.