Saturday, March 10, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Ride

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Saturday, March 17th with an early season Cyclopath ride! Bundle up and wear your green (or your Blue & Greenie) as we head out for breakfast at the Beverly Airport or Depot Diner. Meet at our regular gathering spot at 8:00 am ready to ride.

We're hoping the luck of the Irish is on our side as we head out this early in the season. Wet weather, freezing temps, snow or high winds will cancel, of course. Check the blog before heading out if you're not sure.


Sprocket Girl said...

I'll be there!!

Tam Cronin said...

Me too! Might be chilly but we've ridden this early before. And with no snow on the ground... it'll be good to get out and ride! Passover/Easter ride is early this year too.

Sprocket Girl said...

Do you have shoe booties? Those make all the difference in a cold ride.

It looks like the high temp will be 40 deg. Not warm by any stretch, but doable.

How many miles do you have (in or outdoor)? We shouldn't over-do the distance too much.

Me: I might ride from home, don't know just yet. Mid 20's for low temps is not sitting well at the moment for that type of distance! ;-)

Oh, and don't forget: Saturday turn clocks ahead!! Yipee!

Tam Cronin said...

Oh, BRRRRR..... but you're thinking of THIS Saturday, not the 17th, right? Please tell me it will be warmer on St. Patrick's Day!! :)

Are you thinking of riding this Saturday? I'll bundle up if you are.

Mileage... um... zero so far. But I've been working on cardio & strength training this winter. Still on the weak side but I'm getting stronger. Still struggling with the anemia but pushing through it. Would like to get an early jump on riding so I can ease into it.

Booties... nope. Don't have any, but I have an awesome pair of tights, courtesy of Cape Cod Ellen. :)

Sprocket Girl said...

Oh.... I just re-read the post and realized that you weren't talking about a ride until the 17th! Oh boy, what have I done now?

Well, I am up to riding this Sat still, if you are! :-)

Tam Cronin said...

O.K. Gang, We're ON for Saturday's St. Pat's Day Shamrock ride. Time to rock and roll! Long range forecast calls for a 60 degree day... showers possible but it's still 5 days away and that can change. So plan to ride! See you Saturday!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Sorry I will miss it. I am heading to University of Vermont to watch my nephew's lacrosse game. Go Sacred Heart University Pioneers!
Have a GREAT Ride! Watch out for leprechans.