Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Ride 2012: Part 2

Margie continues Saturday's ride report, (which she notes "was neither as warm as we had hoped nor as sunny as the weather forecast led us to expect.")

After chowing down with our "usuals", (oatmeal for Tam and Margie, dry bagel for Sheldon, and fruitcup for Lynda), Tam and Sheldon headed back while Margie and Lynda decided to take an addition loop through Bradley Palmer. Unfortunately, neither of them had any sense of direction, and despite Lynda's GPS, they got lost. What was supposed to have been an easy loop turned out to be a 41 miler, meandering through Topsfield, Boxford, Rowley and Ipswich. Margie, who was getting over a bad cold and hadn't biked since last October, lagged a little (a lot, actually), and gratefully took the banana and electrolyte water that Lynda, who was looking very concerned, gave her. We saw some interesting sites, though, including an odd gear in Fish Brook, Boxford, the Saw Grist Mill (definitely a destination site), and a para-glider which passed over us as we rode back over the Bev/Salem Bridge. The sun finally came out as we entered Salem and warmed Lynda's toes (her toe warmers were in her truck, along with her water bottles. Oops), and we agreed that despite a few glitches, it had been a wonderful ride. (Lynda's pics posted on Shutterfly.) --Margie

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Sprocket Girl said...

Lots of adventure on this ride! Next time that we go to Boxford, we should check out the Saw Grist Mill, it looks like a very interesting property, very pretty with the falls and arc'd bridges.