Saturday, February 25, 2012

Great Breakfast, Fun to See Everyone!

We had quite a large crowd for breakfast on Saturday, with 25 Cyclopaths out in force! Nice to see so many smiling faces. We didn't get a chance to snap a group shot before folks started to depart, but the following made it to breakfast: Donna, Sheldon, Lynda, Lucy, Carl, Ed, Gail, Joan, Paul, Joyce, Steve-Bob, Barbara, Bill, Av, Laurie, Michael, The Queen, Chip, Tam, Drew, Arlene, Bruce, Jack, Ducky, and Ed. The winds were tough and most arrived by car -- though Lucy and Ducky rode their bikes! Crazy! Fun to see everyone, catch up, and wish Av a Happy 80th Birthday. Looking forward to when we're all out on the road again!

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