Monday, January 09, 2012

Pan Mass Challenge 2012

Alumni rider registration begins tomorrow for all PMC routes. ( Don''t forget to add yourself to Team North Shore Cyclopaths for the 2012 ride!

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Tam Cronin said...

I just purchased lacrosse equipment for Chip yesterday, wiping out my "discretionary" funds for the month. I may have to wait a few weeks before registering. Planning to ride the Sunday Wellesley loop with Will this year. He's getting excited and ready to go look at new bikes. Sadly, he has not grown much in the last few months so I won't be passing down my Specialized Allez. (Allowing ME to get a new bike.) I'm going to start looking for a small road bike for him next month, probably a WSD as he is only 5 feet tall and will need a small frame. Argh. He'll probably outgrow it as soon as I buy it -- all of his friends have started shooting up like weeds. His future growth spurt is taunting me.