Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Lost & Found with One Arm Missing Manchester Loop

We had a chilly start to Saturday's ride... only nine riders on this gorgeous September day. Drew, Donna, Gail, Lucy, Sheldon, Tam, Jack and Paul met Ducky on the bridge and continued on to Manchester. We quickly hustled to breakfast, knowing that hot food and coffee (and tea!) were just ahead. Along the way, Gail lost one of her newly adopted arm warmers. So sad. After breakfast, we decided to retrace our route and find the lonely arm warmer. We searched the roads for miles and miles, checking all of the passing cyclists for any one-armed bandits. No luck. Several packs of riders flew by, including Ethan, riding in the lead pack of Cycle for Life riders. After giving up on the search, eagle-eyed Lucy spotted the sleeve on the side of the road!! Score!! We continued on home, finishing up at the Roger Conant Statue. A fun ride with many, many laughs along the way.

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