Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blue skies above!

Wow. The National Weather Service sure missed the call on today's weather! I see blue skies above!! Did anyone ride today?


Tam Cronin said...

I hate it when that happens!! I slept in late, expecting a rainy day... and woke to sun. (Not that I mind the sun, of course.) Argghhh!!!!

Have a busy morning anyway.... would have been crunched for time... but I hope others got up earlier and went for a ride. :-)

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I did not ride but should have. I spent time this morning getting the garden cleaned up.
Did anyone venture out?!

Arlene said...

Where was everybody?? I waited in Salem and then took a nice, dry ride to Topsfield. I would have loved some company.

Sprocket Girl said...

I slept in! I thought that we were going to have crappy weather. Grr..

Gail said...

I woke up just before the sun came out, but the roads were really wet. So I didn't ride and I missed it. Sorry, Arlene!

Hope to see you all next week -

Tam Cronin said...

Still grumbling that we missed a ride last weekend... Does it seem like the weather forecasters NEVER get it right? I heard on Sunday that we were headed into a week of rain and it's now Wednesday and it hasn't rained a single drop. Just ridiculous.