Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre-Hurricane Ride Report

A small band of Cyclopaths headed out of Salem this morning ahead of Hurricane Irene -- determined to get in a ride before the storm. Arlene, Paul, Tam, Joan, Lucy, Donna, Ducky and Gail road to the Beverly Airport to meet Dave and Judy Wiegand for breakfast! It was terrific to catch up with them and hear what they've been up to! (Sounds like life has been good in Florida!) Welcome back, Dave & Judy!

As we finished paying our check, long-lost Cyclopath Mike B. joined the group! (Yaaaayyyyy.... So good to see him back!) We took some photos and prepared to head out just as Laurie and Av arrived! Wish they could have joined us for breakfast. After a few minutes of hellos and hugs, the group split up with several riders venturing off to Bradley Palmer State Park, while Mike, Gail, Tam, & Donna returned to Salem and rode out to Waikiki Beach (minus Mike). Nice to sit on Sam's bench by the water and appreciate the calm before the storm. Batten down the hatches, everyone!

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