Tuesday, August 02, 2011

PMC Team Photos

We have two locations this year for PMC Team photos. Riders finishing in Bourne on Saturday meet at 5:45 pm at MMA. Those riding out of Wellesley on Sunday should meet at 6:45 am. Captain Drew has outlined it below.

Saturday MMA Bourne Finish: 5:45 pm
Meet at the Flag poll where the team photos were taken last year. (An official photographer is scheduled to take photos until 6 pm.) Once the team arrives, get in line to take the photo. Remember to wear your cyclopaths shirts/jerseys!

Linda & Ethan – if you could coordinate on-site that would be great. (Ethan, tweet Lance. We know he’d love to have a team photo w/ the Cyclopaths!)

Sunday Babson Wellesley Start: 6:45 am
Meet outside the big top tent, at the front end of the parking lot near the podium. Opening ceremonies start at 7:15am with the ride starting at 7:30. We’ll ask a passerby to take our photo, or snag one of the official PMC photographers to take it. Non-riders, remember to wear your Cyclopaths shirts/jerseys! Have a great PMC!

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