Monday, August 08, 2011

Pan Mass Challenge 2011

Congratulations to all riders and volunteers participating in this year's Pan Mass Challenge! It was a memorable PMC for many reasons -- the celebrations, the celebrity (Lance Armstrong & David Ortiz!), the camaraderie among the riders and volunteers, and of course THE RAIN. (Wow!) Our PMC weekend will also be remembered for the emotions we all shared. We all missed Sam's commanding presence at this year's PMC -- and seeing his photo hanging at Babson College was very touching. (Thank you, Donna!) Photos from the ride can be posted to our online album at Shutterfly. Send me an email if you have trouble. Congrats to all!


Michael Kelleher said...

Hopefully, everyone had a pleasant PMC experience either as a rider, volunteer, supporter, or friend. I thought I would share some insight from Bourne and Provincetown:

- Ben and Jeff's family and friends put up a color picture of Sam - that Donna made - on the fence to the finish line - quite moving among all the other posters

- due to the visibility of Lance and two Senators there was tons of media at the Bourne finish - most of them had no idea of the event and asked me to explain the ride to them as they waited - in the process I was able to remind them that the real riders would be coming in a long time after their special focus

- I met Ethan and his friend Arthur as they went on their way to the bike parking area and was not jealous of Ethan putting together his tent as well as many other tents - he was anxious about the forecast of rain and hopefully he did not get that wet

- and what would the PMC be without Brian Carver leading the way and finishing within the first 40 riders on both days - and he does it solo and in Ptown enters wearing his famous Cylopaths smiley face jersey - he makes “Team Carver” proud as well as the Cyclopaths

- it was nice spending time with Tammy and Donna just after Donna finished her 20th (YEH YEH!) ride, and with Brenda, Linda, Jeff, Ben, Michael, Ethan, Ed, and friends of the Cyclopaths at the group photo

- I'm not sure of the weather in Wellesley on Sunday but it was somewhat wet in Bourne at the start and was told that except for the extremely windy crosswind conditions on Route 6 and on the Truro hills it was not that rainy - but at 2:30 it was like a hurricane was coming through - most of the riders except for a very very few were in - at the finish line we waited in the driving rain until the last rider came in - it was quite moving as she was quite emotional and appreciative of our cheering efforts - and the boat ride back was quite dicey and long due to the wind and rain and thank God they arrived safely although later than expected

- as noted the conditions were wet and surprisingly a number of riders slipped and fell on the white dividing line on the right-hand side of the road especially in Brewster around Nickerson State Park, the news reports indicated some serious injuries and I hope they are on the road to recovery

Wishing everyone a pleasant rest of summer, safe riding and good health


Anonymous said...

Sam Zoll
Larger than life - taught us all a valuable lesson about ourselves and life - the 2011 PMC missed him but was blessed by how he has brought it to where it is today - MMA would not be part of the PMC without Sam - thank you SAM - you will never be forgotten - now "crush those eggs"

Ducky said...

Congratulations to all who rode the PMC. Hope you all arrived safely on the rainy Sunday.


Michael Kelleher said...

I forgot to note that I charged up my camera battery and was ready for a good weekend of pics and when I took out the camera at Bourne to get started it beeped at me and said – “hey stupid!! You forget the CD card” – which I left in my home PC – after a few moments of moaning I realized it is what it is and I put the camera away.

Better luck next time.

And I was only feet away from Lance and the IMPORTANT PEOPLE - I even shook his hand (which I was never going to wash again (but I had too).