Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mill Road/Bradley Palmer Loop

The gang outside the Depot Diner: Gail, Paul, Kathy, Jack, Arlene, Donna, Lucy, Margie, Joan, Tam, Ducky, and Sheldon.

A dozen riders headed north on Saturday, (original) desination: Boxford! Unfortunately, luck was not on Donna's side and she got a flat tire on Rantoul Street. Kathy and Tam pulled over to help, but the tire was stubborn and took a while to fix. By the time the trio got back on the road and caught up to the group, (all patiently waiting at the drycleaners), plans to head to Boxford were abandoned in favor of the Depot Diner. Lucky for us, there was plenty of room to accommodate us, and George quickly put tables together to seat us all. (Aren't they always nice?! A great breakfast saves the day!)

After breakfast, the gang headed on into Wenham by way of 1A and Mill Road. At that point, Donna and Tam turned off at Asbury Road to head back through Hamilton, while the rest continued on towards Bradley Palmer and into Topsfield. It was a beautiful day, despite the humidity and unfortunate start. Do they ever sweep the streets in Beverly? Watch out for all the glass!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Cathy for her next Saturday charity ride in behalf of abandoned animals. Great cause! Sheldon

Tam Cronin said...

Yay, Queen!!

PS. Donna! Hope you have a better week!