Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturday's Ride Report

I will be away this week. If someone wants to email a Ride Report from Saturday's ride, ( ) I will have internet access on Sunday morning and can post it then! Or, feel free to post Saturday's Ride Report in the "comments" section of this post. Have a fabulous ride! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous -- Tam


Anonymous said...

Mad Martha's????

Tam Cronin said...

Sunday is the 1 year Anniversary of the infamous Bass Rocks/Locked Bikes Ride. (Lynda!) Gloucester would be fitting. ;-) But I'm not riding, so I don't have a say. Have fun, wherever you venture!

Sprocket Girl said...

LOL! I didn't realize that it was the anniversary of that infamous event! That explains partly why there was a draw towards Gloucester instead of Ipswich/Plum Island!

Today was just perfect for riding - sun, the sea-breeze, everyone we met was just in a great mood!

I, Arlene, Lisa and Kathy rode the Annisquam Loop after having a great breakfast at Morning Glory with Donna, Sheldon, Mojito Dave, Lucy, Jack and Drew (I think that I accounted for everyone). Ethan rode to the Fisherman Memorial with us and had to turn around due to other commitments for the day. He showed off his new Ultegra cranks on his Steve Austin bike, all shiny and purty!

Tam, we missed you! Hope that your vacation(?) is going well!

Next weekend's Cohen Classic is permanently in my planner, so I will see you next Saturday for more fun times!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Gail and Paul too! Joan and Paul P. and Ducky ate at the Beach Street Cafe.
Highlight of Mornnig Glory was when the very kind waitress yelled off the porch "Thank you all!" and then innocently poured a cup of water into the flower box not realizing Lisa and her bike were right there. It was a direct hit on Lisa's saddle.

Tam said...

Great ride report! I'm sorry to have missed it. No computer access here but I have my nifty new android to check in with you all. Annisquam is my fave ride. I have posts scheduled for the blog re: Cohen Classic popping up this week. Directions to N Hampton start included. I think you fast riders should start in Newburyport and catch up to us in Portsmouth.

Cheers from Ontario,


Sprocket Girl said...

Oh yes, Paul and Gail too, I'm sorry! Paul was practicing his luge at the Fisherman Memorial and Gail was her sunshiny self! My apologies! :-)

We'll see you all next weekend!

Sprocket Girl said...

I forgot to mention Margie as well. Serves me right to type a msg on the fly.. sorry Margie!

margie said...

Hey Sprocket Girl- must be hard to type a message on the fly- don't their wings get in the way?
Hope to see everyone next week,