Thursday, July 21, 2011

PMC Team North Shore Cyclopaths 2011

PMC weekend is just around the corner! The Cyclopaths will have a decent presence at this year's PMC, spread out over several different routes. This year's riders include Gail Berger, Jeff Brand, Sheldon Brown, Bill Cantor, Brian Carver, 20-year rider Donna Cohen, Tam Cronin, Ethan Forman (also volunteering), Av Hammer, Sir" Michael Kelleher, Brenda White, Ben Yellin, and Arlene Zell.

Volunteers this year include Lynda Beaulieu (road crew!), Harriet Brand, Ethan Forman, Karen Hennessey, Michael Kelleher (III), Ann Kelleher, PMC Team Captain Drew Nelson, Ed Parish and Marci Yellin. Way to go, riders and volunteers!

Of course Sam, Manny, Sue Redfield and Sue deVries will be in our thoughts all weekend. With an ache in our hearts we ride for them.


Tam Cronin said...

Congrats to Donna on her 20th ride!

(And thanks, Av, for the edit.)

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Also Barry Carver will be in our thoughts all weekend!

Anonymous said...

I would like to add 2 more Cyclopaths to ride the PMC for. Saul Moskowitz who was an early rider who would invite us for his annual summer "Steam and Beer Party." Saul was a very talented hobby enthusiast and conducted a business catalog selling and buying sextants. He unfortunately met with a biking accident in Marblehead. We remember dearly David Benua who was a mechanical genius of a cyclist. On weekday morning rides, we would see him flying across the Marblehead Causeway on his way to work in Wakefield. We Cyclopaths miss and love each of our fallen riders. Sheldon

Tam Cronin said...

I agree, Sheldon and Donna... though I guess my intention in the post was that all 4 Cyclopaths that I mentioned in my post passed away of cancer -- Sue Redfield, Sam and Manny just this past year -- and considering the PMC is a ride for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute -- raising money to fund treatments and cures for cancer -- it is especially poignant to remember those we've lost to the disease. Especially as all four of them participated on many Pan Mass Challenges themselves.

I did not mean to slight Barry, Saul or Dave.