Saturday, July 09, 2011

Ipswich/Stone Soup

A dozen riders headed out of Salem this morning under dark and cloudy skies. Avoiding the puddles left during the overnight rain were Lisa, Av, Joan, Paul, Gail, Arlene, Lucy, Kate, Paul G., Donna, The Queen and Tam. The group rode a quick pace through Beverly and Wenham, largely sticking together on the trip to breakfast. The food at Stone Soup was excellent, as always. Definitely worth the trip! Heading home, Av, Joan and Paul opted to take the direct route back, while the rest headed home via Argilla-Heartbreak-Lakemans road. (Lisa (AKA Speedy Gonzales) missed the turn at Heartbreak and rode home solo.) The sun (which burned through the fog while we were at breakfast), gave us a nice, warm ride back, though the humidity was high. Fortunately, there were a few breezes and enough scattered clouds to make it a great ride. We love summer! (New photos posted on Shutterfly.)

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