Friday, July 08, 2011

4 Weeks to PMC Weekend!

Just one month to go before PMC weekend is here! Are you on Team North Shore Cyclopaths this year? All riders and volunteers who wish to be listed on this year's team page should get in touch with Team Captain, Drew Nelson at so she can add you to the team! Go, Cyclopaths!


Anonymous said...

good morning - I delivered my thesis yesterday to BC (still need to defend it next friday) and I was planning on riding today when my son told me he needed to get in a long ride today with his friends (David Wade etc from WBZ) but he had no ride to get to Salem (no less) - I gave him my car and he was going to ride the route to gloucester up 127 that Linda has posted on the blog - thank you Linda
- I was putting a letter together for fundraising and I just typed "in memory of my good friends Manny, Susan, and Sam" - and you know what, I cannot believe I just typed that!!!


Tam Cronin said...

Michael, You have been missed terribly! Hope to see you SOON! Congrats on the thesis! xxoo