Sunday, June 12, 2011

Riding in the Rain

We had a great group show up at the 6:30 a.m. start despite a gray, overcast chill. Someone, I won't name names, said "Oh, it's not supposed to rain until late in the afternoon.", so we decided to head out on a 28 mile loop to Boxford. Lisa (!) lead the group out of town -- back for another year of Cyclopath riding. (It's always fun to see the group trickle back together.) In addition to Lisa, Av, Donna, Gail, Paul G., Drew, Joan, Carl (fresh from the Best Buddies Ride), Ethan and Tam rode a quick pace to Topsfield to beat the rain. Pat and Queen Kathy (riding the Chip route, Boxford-Topsfield-Boxford), met us in Topsfield, making us a dozen riders as we continued on to breakfast. Mojito Dave, who discovered a flat just prior to the ride, drove out to join us for breakfast at the Boxford General Store where Duane was waiting for our arrival.

Unfortunately, the rain did not hold off while we ate, and we ended up riding home in the rain. (Minus Av, who hitched a ride home with the Marshalls). Brrrr.... We kept a quick pace and returned to Salem before 10:30, wet and cold. Next week: Summer returns. Right?

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