Monday, June 06, 2011

In Loving Memory of Susan Redfield


Tam Cronin said...

My thoughts and condolences to Sue's family. I enjoyed riding with her very much and always enjoyed chatting with her.

I posted several photos of Sue on the Cyclopath's Shutterfly album. I remember taking the photo of her riding (there were several. A few were blurry) and she chastised me for it. It sounded very lovely in her English accent. She was fun.

Anonymous said...

Upon returning from CA, I learned of Sue Redfield's passing. Sue was a dear friend, and I always looked forward to ride with her. We would exchange family stories. I remember back to 1985 when we rode the PMC, and she accidently skid into Jan McLanahan in Brewster. She taught me not to stand up as I rode hills. I even dared to ride down what we called "Susan's Hill" outside of Manchester. Once we biked in the snow and she phoned Roger to pick us up after breakfast. Riding over the Marblehead Causeway, I could spot Sue flying ahead, and she would turn around and ride with us. Sue is sorely missed. She was energetic, talented and a good and caring friend. May her memory be a blessing to all of us who were privileged to know her. Fran and I loved Susan Redfield. Cyclopath Sheldon