Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Wishes

Congratulations to Lynda and MJ, married last Saturday, May 21st! We all send our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!!

Contrary to rumors, Lynda did not wear spandex cycling shorts or her Blue & Greenie -- though the wedding cake did sport a bike. (Check it out!)


Tam Cronin said...

(Photo by the lovely Larissa Forman.)

Congrats Lynda and MJ! You look so happy! Wishing you the best.

Sprocket Girl said...

Thank you, Tam! It was an amazing, memorable day for sure!

I tried to find bridal cycling wear, but none exists. So... I had to succumb to wearing the satin and chiffon. Sigh... ;-)

Tam Cronin said...

You looked gorgeous in the satin and chiffon! Hard to choose a photo -- Larisa took so many nice ones and it looked like a lovely wedding. And you had sun! Still, I HAD to ue the picture of you with that cake! Very fun. Congrats again and see you soon!