Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ride Report: Memorial Day Weekend, Destination: Boxford!

Despite another gray Saturday morning and cool misty skies, a large group of Cyclopaths left the Salem start; including Arlene, Gail, Drew, Carl, new bride Lynda, Paul G., Jack, Donna, Sheldon, Queen Kathy and Drew(!) (returning from her winter break). Surprising all on the other side of the bridge were Ducky and the O'Gradys, (John, Maureen, and Alana!), who met the group en route! (So fun to see them!) Pat, Tam, and Chip drove to Boxford and caught the group on the back end in Topsfield, riding the last few miles to breakfast with the gang. (Chip rode as fast as his little legs could go.) Duane was waiting for our arrival at the Boxford General Store which is always a busy place. Breakfast was delicious and the conversations were crazy, as always. Returning to our bikes after breakfast, Bruce(!), joined the gang for the ride back! Wahoo! (All totaled, 20 Cyclopaths made an appearance on Saturday.) Next week: 6:30 start in Salem & Sea Glass Ride in Nahant, 7 a.m.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats to our newest and youngest Cyclopath Chip, age 9. I don't think there is another bike group out there that has a 9 year old rider and an 80 year old rider!

Tam Cronin said...

Ha! He's not an official Cyclopath until he gets that second ride in... and that won't be for a long while. He managed 5 miles roundtrip from Wayne's to the church in Topsfield and back, and that's about as much as he could do on that little bike. He's begging for a road bike now. I think he's hooked. I asked him what the best part about riding with the Cyclopaths was and he said "breakfast". Classic. (He LOVED riding with everyone. I heard him talking about it with his brother. It was so nice of everyone to include him on Saturday and let him lead the line for a while. Thank you, all!