Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ride Report: Cool Start, Sunny Finish

Under gray skies, and not wanting to venture too far in case of rain, a gang of eight Cyclopaths ventured out to breakfast at the Depot Diner. Av, Paul G., and Carl were outnumbered by the ladies today, Gail, Joan, Donna, Margie, and Tam. (Pat drove ahead to the Depot Diner, dropped off Duane, and then looped back to join us on the ride.) After arriving at the Depot Diner, we were surprised to see Ducky enjoying breakfast with a friend. (She plans to join us next weekend.) All had a great breakfast -- the Depot Diner is one of the best! -- and with the fog still lingering after we finished, all decided to return to Salem to make it an early day. (The sun appeared after we arrived in Salem, of course.) Always nice when we start together and finish together.

Next Saturday: Memorial Day Weekend ride.

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