Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Sending our best wishes to the pack of Cyclopaths celebrating their birthdays in May! Happy birthday to Sheldon, Donna, Queen Kathy and Bill Indresano! Sheldon has chosen Henderson's in Hamilton as Saturday's previously postponed birthday ride destination. Cross your fingers for sunshine!

Updated to include Meg and Jack, also celebrating their birthdays in May! Happy Birthday!


Sprocket Girl said...

I sure hope that we have okay weather - I NEED to get up there to ride w/y'all! This has been such a busy year, and I need a Cyclopathic experience asap!

Happy birthday Shelly, Donna, Queenie, and Bill!

Anonymous said...

Birthday wishes to Meg too!

Hope to ride on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

greetings and blessings
heading to NH in the morning to celebrate my sister's 50 year birthday - i guess i forgot where my priorities are?? hugs to the birthday folks - enjoy hendersons - peace - michael