Saturday, May 07, 2011

Birthday Ride Rainout??

Woke up to a steady rain this morning. Showers are expected throughout the morning, with possible thunderstorms in the forecast. Folks who plan to ride today should also plan to get wet!

UPDATE 8:30 am: Of course it turned into a gorgeous morning with bright blue skies after the showers passed through. Typical New England weather! Did anyone ride?


Tam Cronin said...

I see a little sun trying to peek out. Not sure if folks want to take a chance and ride, or not. Hard to predict.

Ethan Forman said...

Hey, I left my car at work in Beverly so I have to ride this morning. I'm heading out about 7 a.m. so maybe I'll see someone out there?? Have a good weekend everyone! :-(

Tam Cronin said...

Ethan, you'd ride through anything.

If anyone rode today, let me know! I couldn't figure out what was happening with the rain. I took the dog out for a quick walk when I thought the rain had passed, and another shower came through. I figured most wouldn't be riding??? I might be wrong!

Anonymous said...

I planned to ride but as I went out the front door to head to Salem it was raining pretty steadily. I opted to go food shopping at Market Basket and fertilized my front lawn instead.
Hope to ride next week!