Monday, March 07, 2011

PMC 2011 Volunteer Registration

Alumni Volunteer Registration Opens Tomorrow, March 8th. Registration opens for all on March 15. Visit


Sprocket Girl said...

Hey all!

I just signed on to volunteer for this year.

With this being the year the Paris-Brest-Paris is being held, the PMC is too close to that one, and must rest and keep loose for that event, which is 765-miles long!

So, for all of you who are riding that weekend: I will see you out on the roads, ready to assist you with any breakdowns that you may have (hopefully you have none, and I can just cheer, "allez! allez!" at you!).

See y'all for Passover Ride!

- Lynda

Tam said...

Lynda! You have a big year ahead! Hope all is well!

(Passover Ride April 23rd this year.)


Sprocket Girl said...

Heya Tam!

All is well, all is busy.. to the likes that I've never seen before! Holy cow..

I, however, will always make time for my Cyclopath buddies (Just not on May 21st, sorry, going to be a wee bit busy that day.. ;)

See y'all for the Passover Ride (or... maybe a ride before that? Just let me know!)