Monday, January 17, 2011

Breakfast at Beverly Airport, 1/15

The "I Don't Recognize You with Clothes On" Breakfast 2011 -- Joyce, Steve-Bob and I (Donna) were the first to arrive. We went in and moved a few tables over, and the owner asked us how many we were expecting. I guestimated 10-15. She walked away to get coffee and when she returned she said to us, You're the bike group aren't you? I didn't recognize you with clothes on". One by one, Cyclopaths arrived til there were 11 of us. It was a very nice breakfast and lots of laughs. At the table were: Barbara and Bill, Gail, Joyce & Steve-Bob, Donna, Laurie and Av, Ducky, Sheldon and Queen-Kathy. Michael Kelleher missed the breakfast because he was busy with the birth of another grandson. MAZEL TOV to Jill, Sir Michael and Grand-Anne and Grand-Michael! --Donna

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