Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bike Lane Advocacy

UPDATE FROM CARL: We have a spot on the agenda of the Marblehead Board of Selectmen on February 9th at 7:35 p.m.. (Abbot Hall, first floor, Washington Street).

At that time, we will propose that the Board request that the traffic consultant who did the preliminary planning for Pleasant Street renovations go back and look at whether similar life/safety improvements can be achieved, less expensively, by putting down bike lanes along that corridor. I don't expect there will be much opportunity for all to speak, but having a show of interest from the cycling community will be of help. --Carl

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Ethan Forman said...

You need to let the Salem News know about this. Contact Alan Burke at He covers Marblehead. I can also let him know, but it is also good when you reach out to reporters yourself. Don't know if this will fly.