Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Rides

The rumor heard through the grapevine (late Friday) is that there are two Cyclopath rides this weekend!

First up, SATURDAY'S REGULAR BREAKFAST RIDE heads out at 8:00 am from the bus stop in Salem. The weather looks fantastic for a ride!

Also on tap this weekend, renegades Margie and Jack have a SUNDAY ride planned for 8:30, riding out of Topsfield through Wenham, Bradford, Groveland, and Georgetown. If anyone wants to toss their bike into the back of Jack's truck and join them, give Jack a call at 781-593-8710

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Tam said...

Email from Margie --

The weather started out cloudless but became overcast while Jack and I finished our coffee and bagels at the coffee shop next to the Butcher Boy in N. Andover. Luckily, we encountered no wind in our 30 mile ride. Margie