Monday, September 13, 2010

September Ride Reports

Saturday, September 4th was a rain out due to Hurricane Earl. The hurricane that wasn't. Sunday morning at 7:00 am Margie, Gail and Donna departed Salem and rode to Hendersen's. It was a beautiful day. A "rafter" of wild turkeys was spotted along the way. After breakfast they looped thru Bradley Palmer State Park.

Saturday, September 11th - Apparently there were two different Cyclopath rides! Donna, Sheldon, and Gail met in the parking lot, chatted a bit, and headed over to the bus stop. No other Cyclopaths were in sight. They headed off to Hendersen's. After breakfast, they made their way back along the back roads. It was a nice, crisp Fall day. Back at home, Jack stopped by and asked where I was that morning. I said I went for a ride! Apparently there were a few other Cyclopaths that set off from Salem minutes ahead of us?!

No ride for those observing Yom Kippur this Saturday. -- Donna

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