Friday, August 06, 2010

PMC Weekend Ahead

We have a small contingent of riders in this year's PMC, with just 12 Cyclopaths spread out over three different routes. (Our PMC numbers are dwindling!)

Wellesley Riders this year are Donna, Sheldon, Jeff and Ben -- with Sam, Bill Cantor, and Arlene riding Sunday. Sturbridge Riders this year include Lynda, Ethan and Team Wishing Welles, "Sir" Michael Kelleher, Brian Carver and Brenda. (Ed and Tam are virtual riders this year.)

On the Volunteer Crew this year we have Ed, Karen, Drew, Donna & Mike Meehan, and Ann & Mike Kelleher.

Good luck to all PMC riders this weekend!

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ccm said...

All the best to our riders and volunteers. thank you all so much. You are all Heroes. Closer by the mile!