Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Just a Reminder

Pre-PMC Cyclopath Get-Together is at the Cronin house this year, 45 Manton Road, Swampscott, Thursday, August 5th, 5-9pm. ALL Cyclopaths, family, grandkids, and friends welcome! Rain or shine!

(As an FYI - Parking may be tight as there is a film crew and several contractor trucks on the street, filming a kitchen makeover for a reality tv show a few houses down.)


Sprocket Girl said...

Oooh! Is it the "This Old House" crew? :-)

I might be in a little later, depends on what time that I can get out of work.

Tam Cronin said...

I was trying not to be a nosy neighbor and didn't ask which reno show they were taping. (There are so many!) The film crew is from RIVR Media, which produces Whale Wars.

Come when you can -- Cape Cod Mike is manning the grill!

ccm said...

So glad Ellen and I could attend! Three cheers to Tammy for hosting Her surprise birthday party.
:) ccm