Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Annual Cyclopath Pre-PMC Summer Gathering

This year's festivities will once again be at the Cronin house, 45 Manton Road in Swampscott, Thursday, August 5th, 5-9pm. We've had a small turnout of riders this year for our Saturday rides -- Where have you all been? Hopefully all can make it to our annual gathering -- It would be nice to see your smiling faces!

Same guidelines as previous years... we'll have traditional grill fare and goodies. If folks can bring an appetizer, salad-type thing, pasta dish or dessert that would be terrific. Ed will hopefully come with the pie.

Any questions, please call Tam at (781) 593-8619. or send an email

This is our yearly summer gathering, whether you ride the PMC or not -- All Cyclopaths, families and friends are welcome!!


Tam Cronin said...

A few emails bounced back -- Michael Kelleher, Meg Michaels, and (is that Little Dave's old address?) If anyone has updated addresses, could you please forward the email? Thanks!

Ethan Forman said...

I will try to make it. THANK YOU.

Sprocket Girl said...

I will be there!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Look forward to it!

email from Barbara said...

Artistically in love
She blogs & he builds
Sons filled with love
What a home!

Thanks for the invite. We'll ring the bell with our elbow*
'Bill' & Barbara'

* for those who don't understand: if your hands are filled with 'casseroles' figure it out.

Ducky said...

Tammy, Aren't you super to have the group ! I would love to join you and if a small miracle happens I will. But it's pretty difficult right now. I'll have to catch up with you all later.

Two of our sons are visiting the last week or two of August and I am planning on them watching the store on a Saturday morning so that I can join you in a bike ride.

You are all welcome to stop by for a refreshing dip in the pool anytime. Just give a call to make sure the pool is unlocked.
Peace, Love, Ducky

Anonymous said...

Fran and I can't wait to attend this joyous event in our Cyclopathic lives. We deeply appreciate the warm hospitality of our wonderful hosts, Tammy and Mike. Looking forward to see everyone on the 5th. Love, Sheldon, a.k.a. The Belarus Kid